NVS Provides The Following Free Services In Northwest Philadelphia:

  • Crisis support to crime victims, their families, and significant others.
  • Counseling Services to victims to support them along their path to wholeness and health.
  • Information about criminal justice/ police procedures and the progress of a case.
  • Advocacy for victims of crime with the district attorney's office, police, and probation departments.
  • Referrals to help victims meet immediate emergency needs through other community agencies.
  • Accompaniment to criminal justice hearings and trials.
  • Assistance to eligible victims in completing and filing victims' compensation claims.
  • Speakers on NVS services and crime prevention for community, church, and other groups.

NVS Cannot:

  • Guarantee prosecution or conviction in the criminal justice system.
  • Guarantee approval of compensation claims.
  • Provide legal representation or consultation.

To receive any of these services, please contact NVS at 215-438-4410.

PA Victim's Rights

As a victim, you have rights; some of these rights are listed below:

You have the right to be told

  • About basic services available to you in your county.
  • Certain court events include information on bail, escape of the offender, and release of an offender.
  • About the details of the final disposition of a case.

You have the right to receive

  • Notice of the arrest of the offender.
  • Information about restitution and assistance with compensation.
  • Accompaniment to all criminal proceedings by a family member, a victim advocate, or a support person.

You have the right to provide input

  • Into sentencing decisions.
  • Into post-sentencing decisions.

You have the right to receive assistance with

  • Filing a claim for victims' compensation.
  • Submitting a  restitution claim.
  • Preparing a victim impact statement.

For a complete list of your rights as a crime victim in Pennsylvania, please visit http://www.pacrimevictims.com or call NVS at 215-438-4410.

Victims Compensation Assistance Program


NVS advocates assist in the compensation process, including helping to determine eligibility and assisting with the application process. You can call NVS at 215-438-4410 to set up an appointment or approach an NVS advocate in Courtroom 803 on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

VCAP Provides Compensation For

  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Wages
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Loss of Cash Benefits
  • Relocation Expenses

Eligibility Requirements

  • The crime must be reported to the proper authorities within 72 hours.
  • In most cases, claims must be filed within two years from the date of the crime.
  • VCAP is the payer of last resort, and the victim/claimant must utilize all other sources that could pay for expenses related to the crime before compensation can be considered.
  • VCAP does not cover property loss, pain, or suffering from the crime.
  • If your primary source of income comes from the following benefits: social security, pension/retirement, disability, or court-ordered child/spousal support, and money was stolen from you in a crime, you may be eligible for reimbursement of up to one month of that benefit.

Additional information is also available at  www.pacrimevictims.com.

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