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Northwest Victim Services

Trauma Care Outreach and Support: Northwest Victim Services provides holistic outreach, support, resources, and counseling services to gun violence survivors. To enhance the accessibility of mental health support and counseling services the Trauma Care team will engage survivors in targeted and culturally specific ways with a focus on enhancing services to Black men and boys as well as other men of color referred by area trauma centers and other community-based and social services programs. Using a trauma-informed and healing-centered approach to outreach and intake practices, the team will develop peer support groups, and other resources and services identified by the survivors. These specific outreach and engagement efforts are meant to engage Black men and boys who have been disproportionately impacted by gun violence yet continue to be under-represented as recipients of victim services and crisis response efforts.

Northwest Victim Services
Northwest Victim Services

Senior's 4 Safety: This program is to inform senior citizens about victimization and help support those victimized. It offers safety tips, tools, and TECHNIQUES to minimize our seniors from becoming a victim. Our staff conducts workshops in churches, Senior Homes, and community events.

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