Information/ Referrals for Crime Victims

Below is a list of important contact information for other essential services for crime victims.
Please do not hesitate to contact NVS  at 215-438-4410 if you have any questions about these referral sources.

Philadelphia District Attorneys Office Victim Witness Services or 215-686-8027

Philadelphia Police Districts in the Northwest Division of Philadelphia


Each Philadelphia police district has a victim assistance officer (VAO) who is responsible for contacting victims who may need victims compensation or other police services. The VAOs in northwest Philadelphia work closely with NVS to meet the needs of victims and witnesses. In addition, each district has a crime prevention officer (CPO) who can assist with crime prevention, put you in touch with your local town watch, or help you start a town watch in your neighborhood.

Nicholas Smith
Commander Officer
Northwest Police Division
Philadelphia Police Department


Victim Service Programs in Other Parts of Philadelphia/ Pennsylvania

For information on other victim service agencies in other areas of Philadelphia or Pennsylvania, use the following link to find help. Help in other areas of Philadelphia or Pennsylvania

Offender Release Information

PA SAVIN: Pennsylvania's Automated Victim Notification Service

PA SAVIN is Pennsylvania's automated victim notification system. As a victim of a crime, this service provides free, confidential notification regarding an offender's release, transfer, or escape. The PA SAVIN service includes offenders under the supervision of county jails, state prisons, and state parole.

If the offender is in county jail, you, your family, and your circle of support can receive notifications on offender movements:

  • When the offender is released from jail
  • If the offender escapes
  • If the offender is transferred to another location
  • To register, click here or call PA SAVIN at 1.866.972.7284.

Office of the Victim Advocate

If the offender is in a state prison or on state parole, there are additional notifications and services that you, as a crime victim, can receive from the Office of the Victim Advocate.

Notifications and services include:

  • Automated notification via PA SAVIN of transfers, release, escape, and other types of custody changes
  • An opportunity to express your feelings about the release of the offender.  This is a way to let the decision makers know about any concerns you may have for the safety of you and your family and to request certain conditions of release be put in place if the offender is approved for release.
  • Pennsylvania's Address Confidentiality Program -  provides a substitute address for victims who have moved to a new location unknown to their perpetrator. The second part of the program provides participants with a free first-class confidential mail forwarding service.
  • Victim Offender Dialogue is a program to bring the victim and offender together for a face-to-face meeting in the presence of a trained, unbiased mediator.

To learn more or to register, contact the Office of the Victim Advocate at (800) 322-4472, (800) 563-6399, or (877) 349-1064 (TDD) during regular business hours.

Northwest Victims Services can connect victims of crime with additional community organizations which provide
emergency assistance. To connect with these community agencies, please contact an advocate at Northwest
Victim Services at 215-438-4410.

NVS does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age; and it does not retaliate against persons who file a discrimination complaint or lawsuit, who complain about discrimination; or who participate in a discrimination proceeding, such as being a witness in a complaint investigation or lawsuit.

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