NVS Northwest Victim Services helps many families in need of assistance and support
after experiencing the trauma of violence.

Northwest Victim Services
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Northwest Victim Services

NVS provides community programs to increase safety and knowledge of NVS's services. NVS works closely with local/citywide community groups and agencies, including the District Attorney's Office, police, and government agencies such as the Social Security Administration, and plays an active role in the Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy and several state and local community task forces.

NVS Services

NVS provides the following free services in Northwest Philadelphia:

Crisis Support

Crisis Support

to crime victims, their families, and significant others.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling services to victims to support them along their path to wholeness and health.



about criminal justice/ police procedures and the progress of a case.



for victims of crime with the district attorney's office, police, and probation departments.

Northwest Victim Services

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Please donate to NVS as we provide all our services/programs at no cost, and private donations are critical for us to sustain provision of our services at a high level.

Rental Assistance Levels

Resilience Level


Empowerment Level


Restoration Level


Funeral Expenses Levels

The White DOVE Level


Wings of Protection Level


Never Forgotten Level



To fulfill its mission, NVS relies heavily on volunteers to provide governance of the organization, direct services to crime victims, outreach to the community, and administrative assistance.

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